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Cookies Deserve a Seat at the Tea-Table too.

In India, we love having a light snack to go with our daily chai and coffee. But with our traditional cup and saucer, even a small little cookie has to struggle to fit in.

This struggle for real estate on the saucer made us think: 

 "What if saucers could be more snack friendly?"

And in the excitement to solve this problem for ourselves, we designed the Jojo Cup and Saucer.

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This Tradition Needs to be Kept Alive
In Hampi, there is a tradition where people stack different-sized pebbles one on top of the other to wish for a stable and happy home. But more than wishing, this tradition is there to make us realise ONE thing.
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5 Insta-Worthy Dinner Sets to Set the Mood Right!

There's nothing more soul satisfying than a hot freshly served home-cooked meal. Since more and more people have discovered the joy of eating a home-cooked meal table styling has become a full-fledge hobby for some. In order to enhance the experience of your everyday meals our team at Ware Innovations has come up with some unique and eye-catching dinner sets which will make your dinner table look more vibrant. 

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