Cookies Deserve a Seat at the Tea-Table too.

Cookies Deserve a Seat at the Tea-Table too.

In India, we love having a light snack to go with our daily chai and coffee. But with our traditional cup and saucer, even a small little cookie has to struggle to fit in. The moment you pick up the cup the cookie slides right into the middle, and your saucer no longer has room for the cup! This struggle for real estate on the saucer made us think: 

 "What if saucers could be more snack friendly?"

And in the excitement to solve this problem for ourselves, we designed the Jojo Cup and Saucer.

We made the saucer flatter and wider on one side so that cookies or snacks can comfortably fit along with the cup.

Then we added a tiny detail to satisfy the design nerd in us.

We made the wall of the saucer taller on the wider side so that the cookies feel secure from the risk of a free fall.

And we dropped the wall height on the other side. As we wanted the handle of the cup to remain big, without hitting the wall of the saucer.

Not only did this solves a technical problem but also makes the saucer look visually light despite being bigger than usual saucers.

If you're someone who enjoys tea with a side of snacks. You should definitely try out our Jojo Cup and saucer set, and tell us whether it makes you as happy as it makes us.




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