Aqua Forma Dinner Set (5 Pieces)

Unique Tableware
For Unique Individuals.


Lovedddd it, shot with it also!

Rhea Kapoor



Oh my god, This is stunning!

Sonam Kapoor



I honestly can't wait to fill my house with your products in the future.

Manami Dutta

Since my first purchase at ware. I’ve been really amazed by your fast response and service! Keep it up!!

Mahima Agarwal

Your crockery makes presentation so easy!!

Nikita Sharma

Food Blogger


I'm very happy with the product. Right from packaging to delivery, everything was beautifully and professionally done

Lasya Rao

Thanks a bunch! i was a little
hesitant initially but looking at them and now holding them, they are definitely are worth it.

Jahnavi shah

Just wanted to say love this
plate! It’s turned out to be my
favorite. Makes everything look good


Received them as a birthday gift this year...must say this is one of the best gift i have ever received. Each one of them is so cute & unique, can't wait to collect more & add the new "INNOVATIONS" to my serveware collection!!


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