How you can bring your entire 3-course meal to the table in one go?

How you can bring your entire 3-course meal to the table in one go?

Hey there! Hosting a dinner party soon? If you've ever found yourself getting up again and again to get the next meal. I've got a solution for you that'll make your hosting a breeze!We've made a dinner set that is more convenient for both you and your guests. Say hello to our Pivot collection, designed to help you get the entire 3-course meal on the table in one go. Curious how? Keep reading to find out how it works!

We changed the design of traditional lids and ditched the handles. We designed the lids of the bowls to be plates and platters.
This means you can serve your main course in the bowl and appetizers on the lid, all in one go! Plus, the lid keeps your mains warm while you mingle, and you can easily set it aside when needed.

Since the lids of the bowls act like plates it also allows them to effortlessly stack on the bowls.

Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand dinner party, our Pivot collection has got you covered. Stack 'em up, serve 'em up, and make room for those unexpected guests.

With Pivot, dinner time got a whole lot easier.

So, no more interruptions during meals. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the stories shared around the table because, with the Pivot collection, you're covered from start to finish!

Ready to revolutionize your dinner parties? Check out the collection now!

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