This Tradition Needs to be Kept Alive

This Tradition Needs to be Kept Alive

I love visiting Hampi, whenever I travel to my native place in Karnataka.

During my trips, I've always noticed these adorable little stacks of pebbles along the roads.

Curious to know more, I asked a friendly local about it. He told me that there is a wonderful ritual behind the pebble stacks.

It turns out that people stack pebbles one on top of the other and wish for a stable and happy home.

What really stuck with me was the symbolic meaning behind the action. Like the stone stacks, our family is made up of different personalities.

The different-shaped stones balancing on each other is a beautiful reminder that a happy home thrives on the perfect balance of many different personalities.


We made the Peblo Vase to capture the essence of this tradition. To remind us to celebrate the uniqueness of our loved ones who make our homes our happy places.

The idea behind the Peblo Vase was to keep the spirit of this delightful tradition alive in our homes.

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