5 Insta-Worthy Dinner Sets to Set the Mood Right!

5 Insta-Worthy Dinner Sets to Set the Mood Right!
Hello, welcome to my first ever blog. My name is Glad, I’m the Customer Relationship Manager at Ware Innovations. I joined Ware two years ago as an intern, who was completely new to the ‘Realm of the culinary world’. However I was intrigued by the forms, shapes and colors of the crockery we make here and dove right in to explore this new field! My curiosity made me develop a keen interest in off-beat ways of presenting regular food, to the point where I now help our clients curate creative custom dinner sets for their home! I have now come to appreciate the impact that good crockery can have on our experience of food, so I thought it would be nice to write this Blog to share and suggest my top #warelove crockery picks to make your everyday meals look amazing. 
1. Chaat Setting
Chaat Setting
 One of my personal favorites, especially when it comes to enjoying savoury snacks or let's be specific “Pani Puri” In my opinion no table setting could do more justice to our all time favorite street foods while setting a table. Since this setting has been created by mixing and matching different tableware to accommodate the ingredients for chaats, you can easily rearrange it to use it for other cuisines too! For instance the Jay plate at the center can be used for serving bite-sized appetizers or sushi. 
2. Home Abode
Home Abode
An essential ceramic dinnerware set that does the job of a traditional Indian thali with a twist of modern design. This set including the Cosmo Dinner Plate and two Small Eclipse Bowls is quite uncomplicated in terms of its design. According to me, it is quite apt for your everyday home-cooked meals of “roti & bhajis” or ‘bhindi sabji’. From my own experience I could rightly say that “Home Abode” could help you make something as simple as dal & rice more fun and colorful.
3. Ideal Brunch
Ideal Brunch
I would recommend this perfect place setting to brighten your morning breakfast sessions. The tall-walled drop shaped plate is great for serving starters or dishes with gravy while the flat Ara plate is ideal for mains. The tiny dot and helio plates add charm to the setting and are perfect for condiments, pickles or sauces! The snuggle cup completes the set by providing a cosy cup for a nice green tea or fresh juice to go with your meal. This set is my top place setting when serving an oriental meal, or a wholesome south Indian breakfast, or even a tea time snack!
 4. Bistro Set
Bistro Set
Being born and brought up in Maharashtra and not talking about “Misal Pav” wouldn’t do enough justice to the famous Maharashtrian spicy curry . Our design team loves curating out-of-the-box table settings for famous Indian snacks, so you can only imagine how “Misal Pav” landed on top of their list and helped them. We came up with a combination of snack plates and bowls to make “The Bistro Set”, our most popular table setting to serve any DIY dishes! This 7 piece set includes almost everything from a snack plate to a small cute looking dot for chutneys and sauces to make your snack time exceptional.
5. Nude Forma Dinner Sets
Nude Forma Dinner Set
I’m now aware that I’ve only talked about our colorful dinner sets so please allow me to suggest a rather neutral dinnerware set which unlike any other table setting from our collection is completely monochrome. White is a tried and tested timeless color which suits a variety of dishes and presentation styles, which is why I decided to include this set in my list of favorites. I can easily predict that this Forma Dinner Set would make your family get-togethers more joyous.

I hope this list helps you innovate with table styling and motivates you to mix and match your different crockery to fashion your perfect table settings. Don’t forget to share your favorite cuisines for which you’d like us to come up with table settings in the comments below! And whenever you’re in the mood to curate a cool and quirky table setting for your home, I’m just a call away on +91 8369998726 and always happy to help!

Signing off!



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  • Ritika Jajodia

    Thanks Glad for putting up this blog. These table settings are such a mood and I’m surely adding them to my cart. You made my work easy because I was really confused since everytime I browsed through the website it feels like to buy everything☺️. Waiting for more blogs😍

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