How we made the Indian Traditional Dinner Set better?

How we made the Indian Traditional Dinner Set better?

So, let's address the obvious question on your mind: "Why do you need to make a traditional dinner set better?!

It's good as is?" Fair point!

Well, that's our thing at Ware!

We've got this "What if mindset!" which is all about taking things as they are and thinking, "Hey, what if we make this even better?"Now, it's not about being full of ourselves; but more like tapping into our inner kid.


   Have ever served yourself a plate full of Indian food with dal, sabzi, dahi, paratha and ran out of space for your starters and chutney? annoying right? Well, it's because those round katoris in a round plate waste a lot of space. It leaves awkward gaps and crowds your plate.

So, we set out to re-design the traditional dinner set to be more spacious. So you can fill it up with all our favourite leaving enough room for more!

The challenge was to do it, without increasing the size of the plate!

Now, came the tricky part: How do we pull this off? We tried a bunch of ideas, but nothing clicked. Until one night, as I was staring at a katori, it hit me: "What if we use the shape of the katori (a circle) and build everything else around it?" (I still remember the moment so well, i went to sleep very excited to test out my idea the next morning!)

Sometimes the answer is in the problem. I didn't realize it before that - if the problem started with Katori, the Katori could solve it as well.

   The next morning, armed with a circle, I started sketching away. And before I knew it, those circles started forming this cool pattern that had to potential to turn into an entire dinner spread!


  From this pattern, all we did was keep pivoting over and over again! leading to us creating the Uno-duo- trio and so on!

We took this idea and pushed it further, creating various pieces of a dinner spread.

   Because all the platters and plates are shaped around the Katori, you can keep them in and out. This helped us remove all the awkward gaps!
  Take our Penta Dinner Plate, for example:

you can fit five Katories inside and outside without it feeling crowded. And if you're feeling fancy, you can even fit ten katories! And it doesn't end here!

The lid which you use to keep your dal hot, you can also use it as a plate on which you can keep your chillis or lemon!

   We believe that all ideas, no matter how ridiculous they sound deserve a chance to be worked on! You never know Ware it will lead you! because of this one stupid What if (Idea), that led us to Pivot Collection! And we are super excited to share it with you!


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