Ware Innovations Mumbai Set The High Tea (7 Pieces)
Ware Innovations Mumbai Set The High Tea (7 Pieces)

The High Tea (7 Pieces)

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A real Indian tea-time isn’t complete without a side of a wholesome snack! While the snuggle cup and leaf plate pair up to form a beautiful tea set, the Deep Blue Ara plate sets a stunning backdrop for you favourite tea-time snack ranging from sandwiches to vada pav!

While the neo plate serves as a dessert plate for those with a sweet tooth! And what’s a savoury snack without a side or red chilli or chutney, don’t worry the dot and dash bowls will hold them with elegance. 

This Table-Setting includes:
1 Neo Plate (Nude)  
1 Helio Butter Plate (Deep Blue)
1 Dot (Pink)
1 Dash (Pink)
1 Leaf Plate (Blue)
1 Snuggle Cup (Pink)
1 Ara (Deep Blue)


Product Details

Material: Stoneware Ceramics

Neo Plate - 165x165x14mm/ 
Dot - 50x50x30mm/ 2x2x1.2in
Dash - 100x50x30mm/  4x2x1.2in
Leaf Plate - 173x95x22mm/  6.8x3.7x0.8in
Snuggle Cup - 67x67x85mm/ 2.6x2.6x3.6in


Helio Butter Plate - 20ml
Dot - 15ml
Dash - 45ml
Leaf Plate - 105ml 
Snuggle Cup - 195ml

Neo Plate - 190gms
Helio Butter Plate - 35gms
Dot - 30gms
Dash - 75gms
Leaf Plate - 133gms
Snuggle Cup - 170gms

Shipping & more

  • Goods are dispatched within 2 working days of placing the order.
  • Contact us on +91 8369998726 for overnight delivery options.
  • We offer a Safe Delivery Guarantee; if you receive the products broken, just send us an image within 48 hours of receiving the package and we will replace it for you for free.
  • Deliveries available all over India.
  • COD available all over India. 

Wash & Care

All our ceramic ware is:

  • Microwave Safe (you can reheat food in it)
  • Oven Safe (you can directly bake in it)
  • Dishwasher Safe (Steel Utensils must not clink with your Ware in the dishwasher) 

To know more about the stoneware ceramic material in which this product is made, please click here.