Chaat Setting
Chaat Setting
Chaat Setting
Chaat Setting

Chaat Setting

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When setting table for dinner, especially when it’s about pani puri, no other table setting could do more justice.

This Table-setting includes (Starting from left to right):
3 Hyphens - Pink
1 Jay - Green
1 Dot - Pink
1 Full-Stop Bowl - Pink
1 Dash - Green

Material: Stoneware Ceramics
Dot: 50x50x30mm/ 2x2x1.2in
Dash: 100x50x30mm/ 4x2x1.2in
Hyphen: 150x50x30mm/ 6x2x1.2in
Yoo: 175x200x30mm/ 6.8x7.8x2in
Full Stop Bowl: 110x110x62mm/ 4.3x4.3x2.4in

Dot: 15ml
Dash: 45ml
Hyphen: 100ml
Yoo: 200ml
Full Stop Bowl: 250ml

Dot: 29 gms
Dash: 75.4 gms
Hyphen: 125.3 gms
Yoo: 0.344 Kgs
Full Stop Bowl: 239 gms

Goods are shipped within 3 working days of placing the order.
No returns or cancellations once the order has been placed.

All our ceramic ware is:
Microwave Safe (you can reheat food in it)
Oven Safe (you can directly bake in it)
Dishwasher Safe (Steel Utensils must not clink with your Ware in the dishwasher)


To know more about the materials with which this product is made, please click here.

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