Black Spear
Black Spear
Black Spear
Black Spear
Black Spear
Black Spear

Black Spear

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Drawing from the form of the simple stone spears from the Paleolithic ages, the platter is a play on our first world luxury - what was once used to hunt down, is now used to gracefully serve.

Product Details
- Material: Natural Marble
- Dimensions: 270mm X 224mm X 16mm
- Weight​​: 0.621 Kgs

Note: All measurements are approximate and slight variations may occur given the nature of handmade products.

Shipping & more
- Goods are shipped within 3 working days of placing the order.
- No returns or cancellations once the order has been placed.

Wash & Care
- We recommend handwashing them and being careful with not clinking the products while washing. Dry with a soft cloth for best results.
- Do not use vinegar, lemon juice, or other cleaners containing acids on marble.
- Using a sheet of butter paper, or fresh leaves as an intermediary for foods containing strong food colouring (for instance, turmeric) is recommended. Such items may stain the marble when placed directly on the surface

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