The Dream Team

Ware innovations was born of a dream to turn ideas and imaginations into tangible product innovations. We at Ware have an affinity towards exploring new materials and processes to create sculptural and functional objects.

As of now, we have been playing with clay and marble to design and hand-make a unique range of ceramic and marble products from start to finish!



Introducing our team that dreams together, and the superpowers each one brings with them.

Yogita | Gumption

Founder & Creative Director

Be it beating creative blocks or clearing roadblocks, lightning up the room or meeting crazy deadlines, she’s our fix!

Divya | Vitality

Lead Photographer

The one behind the lens, capturing all the moments of #warelove and helping us share our story through her beautifully composed photos.

Hridayi | Bohemian

Content Writer

Everyone has a tinch of quirkiness in them, it's up to them to show it. She prefers to mix it up.

Gladionel | Sedulity

Sales Associate

Diligent, hard-working and persistent. The one who sedulously attends, calmly speaks, coolly answers and ceases when he has no more to say.

Darshana | Zeal

Shop Technical Assistant

Never let’s what she doesn’t know, stop her from excelling at what she knows. Nothing can dim her inner light!

Juhi | Rigour

Financial & Operations Manager

Whatever her mind believes, she can achieve. Her strength makes us solid!

Manisha | Prompt

Packaging Assistant

A thought can nudge, words can stir, but it takes action to attain a dream. She makes it happen in no time!

Prapti | Dexterity

Inventory Manager

Patience and practice gripped with keen dedication is the key to learning for the dexterous.


We're tucked away in the heart of Mumbai's Raghuvanshi Mills. We recently opened our doors for you to come explore our Ware right at the source, meet our team and learn more about our products and how we design as well as make them!