Palais Platter Set

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This Palais platter is a set of three hand-carved Italian marble pieces which includes the biggest platter that you may notice at the base and the other two platters placed on the top. Palais was inspired by the Royal heritage of a Palace and was designed keeping the same in mind. The beauty of this set is that it can be used on the same table or placed separately, be it for food while you serve or for accessories on your study or bedside.  

This Table-setting includes:
1 Big Palais Platter 
1 Medium Palais Platter 
1 Small Palais Platter  

Product Details
- Material: Italian Marble
- Dimensions:
- Big Palais Platter - 690 mm x 220 mm x 280 mm 
- Medium Palais Platter - 508 mm x 101.6 mm x 220 mm
- Small Palais Platter  - 410 mm x 101.6mm x 170 mm

- Volume:
- Big Palais Platter - 260
- Medium Palais Platter - 65 
- Small Palais Platter  - 40

- Weight:
- Big Palais Platter - 1.075 kg
- Medium Palais Platter - 415 gms
- Small Palais Platter  - 324 gms

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