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This Table-setting includes (Starting from left to right):

1 Fin Cup - Green
1 Dot - Pink
1 Dot - Green
1 Dash - Pink
1 Big Tara Plate - Nude
1 Small Tara - Pink

Product Details
- Material: Stoneware Ceramics

- Dimensions:
Big Tara: 195mm X 195mm X 24mm
Small Tara: 130mm X 130mm X 24mm
Dot: 50mm X 50mm X 30mm
Dash: 112mm X 50mm X 33mm
Fin Cup: 80 x 71 mm

- Volume:
Big Tara: 350 ml
Small Tara: 152 ml
Dot: 17 ml
Dash: 47 ml
Fin Cup: 180 ml

- Weight:
Big Tara: 355 gms
Small Tara: 128 gms
Dot: 29 gms
Dash: 75.4 gms
Fin Cup: 0.200 kgs

Shipping & more
- Goods are shipped within 2/3 working days of placing the order.
- No returns or cancellations once the order has been placed.

Wash & care
- All our ware is microwave and oven safe.
- We recommend handwashing them and being careful with not clinking the products while washing.
- Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with a mild soap solution and dry with a soft cloth for best results.

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